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Product Approvals (Germany)


 Product Approvals (Germany)

Company Qualification (International)

ISO 9001:2008



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TOPTRUSS Introduces
TOPTRUSS is one of the leading alloy aluminium truss suppliers in the domestic and international market .The company is located in Foshan city,Guangdong province.

Professional Knowledge
TOPTRUSS PERFORMANCE EQUIPMENT CO., the one of the largest truss manufacturers,product sales more than 30 countries.And increasing the trend year by year.

Since 2006 TOPTRUSS has successfully realized the truss connection system,the system eventually proved to be the most important innovation of truss in the market.Obtain and maintain the leading position in the world of light truss market.TOPTRUSS have a wider range of alloy aluminium truss system.Covering all aspects of the industry requirements.In order to fast structural growth,at the same time it doesn’t affect our TOPTRUSS production facilities of high quality standards has been expanded to 7000 square meters.Our factory expand the scale in 2012,in order to make a better service to customers.

In order to make customers assure the product quality,we have a large number of production agreement,and products are subject to strict quality control to achieve the superb technology,equivalent to the German RWTUV certification of product quality.Make sure our products and quality control in line with the highest standards of TRUSS entertainment industry.

In order to provide the optimum safety and reliability,all the materials are Alloy EN-AW 6082-T6.Our all the welding rods are Canada indio company’s products.And considering the product durable and is the precondition of product safety.To avoid this kind of incident.We will provide the necessary information to customers.Such as TRUSS load table,roof system strength calculation,welding rod TUV certification,material analysis etc.

Product Range
Produce many various kinds of alloy aluminium truss.Aluminium speaker tower truss,aluminium roof system,aluminium stage,tower system,layer truss,connection accessories.We produce the spigot truss.It can increase the speed and safety for install and disassembling the truss.The latest product is folding truss:can save much space for transportation and storage.We will continue to invest in new technology and creative products,Bring more convenient for customers.



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