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PLS unicorns

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PLS unicorns

A series of activities is coming!

The official launch

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The first PLS unicorn show in the last exhibition brought many topics to the industry. The 2022 Guangzhou Exhibition will continue to focus on the emerging tide of multimedia technology integration. Among them, the most eye-catching "PLS unicorn show" has also been comprehensively upgraded to the flagship activity -- "PLS Unicorn" series activities. In the form of stage show and entertainment space, it made its debut in Hall 12.2. At that time, more powerful content creation team and exhibitors will be gathered to present a super sensory show integrating creative content, leading lighting, audio and video equipment and digital technology.

PLS Unicorn series event


In ancient Chinese mythology, the unicorn is an auspicious thing. It only appears when it is fulfilling an important mission. Its appearance was seen as a symbol of better times.

In recent years, many changes have taken place in professional sound, light and audiovisual industries, and there will be more and more opportunities. The supplier of professional lighting and sound equipment is no longer the supplier in the traditional sense. The enterprises with the labels of "technology", "future" and "technology integration" are constantly emerging. The core technology is also changing constantly, and the momentum of promoting change is amazing.

Guangzhou exhibition advocacy "science and technology can assign a recreational", create a new development space, through "PLS unicorn" series of activities to the diversification of products, technology, cultural fusion, exhibition form this for the audio and video entertainment industry and the industry exhibition, as its name suggests "unicorn", unique and meaningful.

PLS unicorn show Xtage

Revere time and space, pursue light and dream


The exhibition organizers and Unicorn Yuncang jointly planned and executed, Shanghai Rentian Lighting and Sound Co., Ltd. as the general coordinator, Beijing Even Space Culture Media Co., Ltd. in charge of the stage visual design, a number of excellent equipment sponsors to present the theme show "awe time and Space, chasing light and chasing dreams". Through the prologue, the viewer is brought into the time machine to experience the whole process of time's forward flow, stasis and suspension, and time backtracking, and arouse empathy. The light chaser's fantasy of time and space will lead to another breakthrough for the unicorn show.

PLS unicorn show this year will be from the stage design to the multi-dimensional analysis of stage design, but also take you into the background, from lighting, sound, stage design, video and other aspects to analyze how to make art more tension through technology, with expert vision to see how to achieve an amazing performance! Whether you are a new generation of industry or experienced professionals, you can learn new knowledge from the concept of "technology to empower culture and entertainment".

List of Supporting units


The total planning:

Unicorn Yuncang (Shanghai) Performance Equipment Co., LTD

Always plan as a whole:

Shanghai Rentian Lighting and Sound Co., LTD

Visual Design:



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