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2022 Guangzhou Expo (February 25-28) "PLS Unicorn Show" series of activities fully upgraded!

Date:2022-01-13 Hits:50181

The first PLS unicorn show in the last exhibition brought many topics to the industry. The 2022 Guangzhou Exhibition will continue to focus on the emerging tide of multimedia technology integration. Among them, the most eye-catching "PLS unicorn show" has also been comprehensively upgraded to the flagship activity -- "PLS Unicorn" series activities. In the form of stage show and entertainment space, it made its debut in Hall 12.2. At that time, more powerful content creation team and exhibitors will be gathered to present a super sensory show integrating creative content, leading lighting, audio and video equipment and digital technology.

Stage structure - Xiaohan truss!

Hall 12.2 looks forward to your visit


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